Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beshiktash ask for Bojinov

Manchester City attacker Valeri Bojinov falls in summer accounts for selection of the Turkish Grand Beshiktash, says "Trud". Turks want to strengthen the team for participation in the Champions League and Bulgarians is one of the four major transfers who come into the plans of the club. Timothy of Istanbul will offer salary Valeri 3 million a year, house and boat on the Bosporus, to tempt him to accept their offer. Representative of the Turks will travel to Manchester this week to negotiate with the "citizen" and player's manager Jerry Palomba . In any event, if it comes to deal, it will be for rent.
Bojinov's future in Manchester City is not completely clear and this can cause the attacker to take the temptation to play in the Champions League. It will rely on the Bosporus near to be able to recover the familiar form after contusion and revive his career. Such a thing has happened twice in two of the stars of football at the moment, in the person of Frank Riberi and Nicolas Anelka.

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