Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paralyzed Bulgarian Climber Conquers Mont Blanc

Paralyzed climber Ivan Kozhuharov conquered the highest peak in Western Europe - Mont Blanc (4 810 m) on September 8, exactly at 17:00 CET and demonstrated a striking example of spirit and courage.
Kozhuharov first words were: "Good for those iron men" - all friends of the project team "Shared peaks - Mont Blanc 2009. The climber say ascent and descent from the Alps was very hard and filled with difficult moments.
The climb began at 1:55 pm on September 8 from Cosmic hut, which is located at 3600 m. One hour after the conquest of the top band gone back down and spend the night in a camp unprepared for Cole de la Brenva, which is located at 4500 m altitude.
The total displacement, which overcame the team of “Shared peaks” in the final phase of ascent is 1600 m
It is expected that all of the team to arrive in Chamonix today in 15 hours.
Ivan Kozhuharov is disabled after an accident in 1990 in the Alps.

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