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Tupolev 154

Development of the Tu-154 began in 1963 with the idea to replace the existing turbo-Ile-18 and AN-10. He was the first Soviet aircraft srednodalechinen fully developed for civil purposes.
For the first time a Tu-154 flew October 4, 1968. Factory tests were conducted between December 1968 - January 1971, a state from June to December 1971. In regular exploitation is 1972.
Tu-154 has undergone many improvements and modifications. In 1982 appeared Tu-154B, 2 with a new wing and engines E-30KU as it should be a numbered Tu-164 but it is not accepted and thus appears Tu-154M.
The average fuel economy of the M version is 1000 kg of fuel than the Tu-154B (from 6000 kg / h 5000 kg / h).
Serial production of Tu-154M was started in 1984. Air plant in Samara. By the end of 1998. produced 930 aircraft of various modifications. Numerous estimates and research towards improving the existing Tu-154 has shown economic appropriateness. From ANTK Tupolev have reached the decision that the plane TU-154 has exhausted its possibilities for further modernization.
euronews Putin takes charge of Smolensk crash probe euronews Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has flown to the military airport where the doomed Tupolev 154 was headed when it plunged out of the sky. ... und weitere »

  • Refections of a fatal crash Assume that Malcolm has made all the usual, conventional posthumous noises about Poland's President Lech Kaczynski and his entourage. Accept that he is not totally without feeling: he admits to quavering moments at take-off and landing. They started back in the days when ...
  • Leggo Online Archivo Tag ' Tupolev 154 ' Un Tupolev 154 che trasportava il presidente polacco Leon Kaczynski è precipitato in fase di atterraggio all'aeroporto di Smolensk, in Russia. ... Polonia: il Tu-154 di stato era in servizio dal 1990 Adnkronos/IGN Kaczynski/ Sotto accusa Tupolev. Sindaco Varsavia: troppo vecchio Virgilio La maledizione di Katyn uccide il presidente Kaczynski Ticino News Dazebao l'informazione on line  - Il Secolo XIX  - Panorama Alle 492 Artikel »
  • Mosc/Varsovia, (EFE).- El presidente polaco, Lech Kaczynski, murió hoy en un accidente aéreo en las inmediaciones del aeropuerto ruso de Smolensk cuando se dirigía a una ceremonia de homenaje a las víctimas de Katyn. Kaczynski, de 60 años, perdió la vida al estrellarse el avión Tupolev 154 en el que ...
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  • Tupolev 154 is one of most search today after a Tupolev 154M carrying the Polish President Lech Kaczyński, his wife, and high ranking government and military officials crashed upon landing at Smolensk-North air base in Russia killing ...
  • Tupolev 154 aka Tu-154M is the type of The Polish plane which is crashed today. Poland has two kind of Tupolev Tu-154Ms, that is number 101 and 102. Number 101.
  • Bereits ein paar Mal habe ich meine geneigten Leser mit der Botschaft beglückt, dass das Zusammenleben mit Tieren von Vorteil sein kann, zuletzt am 18.März 2009. Kinder ...
  • Havárie letounu Tupolev 154, ve kterém zemřel i polsk prezident Lech Kazcyński, je tragédií. Co je její příčinou?

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