Monday, August 30, 2010

ATI Brand Ceased To Exist

ATI brand ceased to exist and will no longer be used for marking the new video controller models. The decision is of AMD, which owns the ATI. The name of the Radeon product line will continue to be used, but before it will now stand abbreviation from AMD.
The decision was taken on the basis of thorough study which showed that the brand AMD is looking more than ATI and the change of name will have better sales. The new graphics will now be called AMD Radeon and AMD FirePro. The company is preparing a series of new products, including a hybrid between a computer processor and video controller, which are located on one chip. The first products of the new series will come at the end of this year and will be codenamed Ontario. They will be relatively weak and their priority will be low power consumption. More powerful hybrids will be released in early 2011 and will be called Liano. It will be a quad.
AMD has taken the decision for deletion of ATI motivated by the fact that their video card now stand well in the market and began to pass a major competitor products - Nvidia. AMD are taken care of and relationships with major computer manufacturers. Changing the name does not affect the large orders. Existing products with the ATI brand will be renamed. Changing the names will apply only to products to be marketed. AMD has published new images, which will mark the video controller.

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