Saturday, March 26, 2011

The world remains in darkness for an hour today

Between 20.30 hours and 21.30 hours today celebrate Earth Hour. " Global Initiative is a global environmental organization WWF and conducted for the fourth time.
 To disable the lights for an hour as a symbolic sign that it is time for serious action against climate change, environmentalists urge, institutions and business representatives said on Monday.

The idea this year is to be encouraged each person to make first steps in our everyday lives to a more sustainable way of life and after today's date.

A record number of countries will take part in this year's Earth Hour "- 134, announced by WWF. The Initiative will involve all continents. Initiative in 2011 has the support of UN Secretary-General, Prime Ministers, Nobel Laureates, famous actors, athletes and models.

During "Earth Hour" this year will turn the lights on some of the best known places on the planet, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Ferris wheel, "Landon Eye" in London, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona bridges on the Danube in Budapest, the bridge over the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Niagara Falls, the Sydney Opera House, the station Davis in Antarctica, Times Square and the Empire State Building in New York and the tallest building in world Burj Khalifa in Dubai .

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