Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To Tie A Tie

BEFORE you put your tie should buckle your shirt and primed to pick up the collar after it tie, collar back down, as should stand. The bottom of the tie should reach to the middle or upper end of the belt buckle you. Furthermore, a node in the middle, there must be hollow, otherwise the tie is not well tied. This concavity is obtained by placing your index finger under the knot and keep it there until the clamp.

Now for the very tethering. Here's the easiest and most popular way to tie a tie in 8 steps:

1. Tossed the tie so that its wide end to hang around 25-30 cm over the narrow end. Who will end your left and who - does not matter right, do it to you as you see fit.
2. Tossed the wide end over the narrow.
3. Stick wide end under the narrow.
4. Again tossed wide end over the narrow.
5. Stick the point end in the back of the neck around your neck, so out front.
6. Put your pointer in the emerging unit, not to tighten. Stick the point end in this node, so that visne down - the connection is nearly tied.
7. Now you can remove your finger and pull yourself together knots.
8. Hold the narrow end of tie knots and slid to the collar.

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