Monday, April 11, 2011

YouTube launched a platform for online broadcast

The start of one of the most anticipated features YouTube went without fanfare or ribbon cutting. A few days ago quietly platform was announced Live streaming, which allows real-time broadcast to every event on a channel on YouTube. And before on YouTube are displayed on certain events, including concerts, shows, performances or interviews with celebrities. But now the biggest launch platform videohosting Live streaming on a permanent basis.

According to the management of the service, this is done to improve the content on YouTube, and increase the average time spent by users of the site (now the figure is 15 minutes, and developers plan to increase it to 35 minutes). The YouTube Team is working on Live streaming technology for several months, and now the platform being tested now in operation, several of its partners.

So testing Live streaming is a trusted agency Thomson Reuters, a team from Stanford University and several other partners. Team, the creator of Project Live streaming, believes that the new platform really opens up new directions in the development of YouTube, opportunities for cooperation with new partners and attract more audience. You can imagine, for example, how audience will gather in an online broadcast of match of famous boxers or football match between popular teams.

In general, Google currently actively modernizing YouTube. For example, long been in progress work on creating additional channels to be driven by celebrities. Given that some actors, athletes and other famous persons have millions of fans, the audience of YouTube, which is so large over time can be extended further. Planned to add more than 20 separate channels for materials that will be prepared by specialists. The new channels will be themed and will be devoted to art, sports, technology and so on.

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