Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sebastian Vettel defended his title in Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel is the new-old world champion in Formula 1. The German finished in third place in the Grand Prix of Japan, it was enough to secure the world title four rounds before the end of the season.

His only possible rival for the title Jenson Button did what it wanted - victory, but this proved insufficient.
So by the end of the season will be fighting for second place in the standings, which currently Button has the best chance.

Fernando Alonso finished second even in today's race and still hopes he can finish the season in second place. In the column back Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa for the second time its neat spectacular fight, again came in a small accident.

In the end, Hamilton finished 5th behind Mark Webber. Felipe Massa remained even until the seventh, taking the sound made the race Michael Schumacher.

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