Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LG TV will present its Google, which combines the advantages of the Android operating system and the convenience of Smart 3D technology and LG, at CES 2012. The event LG will demonstrate four new home theater systems equipped with the latest technology for 3D sound and the company's Smart TV feature.

TV with Android interface and convenience of 3D technology LG
One of the biggest benefits of Google TV, LG is its management. It is a combination of user interface based on the Android platform and remote Magic Remote with Qwerty keyboard, designed by LG. The user interface of Google TV on the LG and the main screen are designed to provide maximum comfort for browsing and selection of content or applications.

Work with multiple applications simultaneously is also possible with Google TV on LG. Users can search the Internet to communicate in social networks and use the traditional functions of the TV at the same time. It can be managed by the Qwerty keyboard or using other management options such as gestures and voice recognition, remote Magic Remote.

Google TV on the LG comes with CINEMA 3D technology and also provides home 3D entertainment that is both compelling and convenient. The model is based on technology Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) of LG, which makes possible the use of lightweight and comfortable 3D glasses. They are much more affordable than conventional models, making it suitable for TV viewing of 3D content from a greater number of people. FPR also makes it possible to convert 2D content in 3D with the push of a button.

Along with Google LG TV will continue to develop its own Smart TV platform based system NetCast. According to the company's plans will be available in more than 60% of flat panel TVs that LG will present this year.

Excellent 3D sound, which adapts to the dynamics of the picture
LG will introduce four new models of home theater systems with 3D sound in the first half of 2012. Of these BH9420PW model will be the first, the company will display at CES 2012. It includes technology developed by LG 3D Sound Zooming. It allows adjustment of the strength and depth of sound and movement to the position of the 3D image in real time.

BH9420PW system consists of 9.1 channels and adds four additional 3D vertical columns to the standard 5.1 channels, which are equipped with a conventional home theater systems. As a result, users can enjoy home entertainment, in which all the vertical space in the room is saturated with sound. In addition, 3D vertical columns are equipped with 360-degree reflector that disperses sound in all directions, thus creating close to the acoustics of concert halls.

Moreover, thanks to the unique DSP algorithm for 3D effect of LG, Sound Field Expansion technology increases the range of horizontal sound field and operate in accordance with vertical 3D speakers. Thus, the system creates a truly immersive 360 ​​ยบ sound experience. Area with optimum sound quality ("sweet spot") is extended so that viewers feel as if they were in the center of the action from anywhere in the room.

To provide viewers rich 3D experience BH9420PW system is equipped with Smart TV feature. Thus, all standard models of 3D TVs have access to the ecosystem of Smart TVs LG, which offers a wide range of 3D content.

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