Monday, February 6, 2012

Elizabeth II marks 60 years on throne

Queen Elizabeth II marks 60th anniversary on the throne, world news agencies reported.
To celebrate the event, she delivered a speech which thanked for their support and reiterated his oath to serve his people.
Agency recalls that according to the established custom, the true celebration of its anniversary on the throne are in June and in February they are more modest and Elizabeth spent the day mostly in performing their normal duties.
It is the second British monarch to reach a "diamond jubilee".
Elizabeth led a UK age 25 in 1952, after the death of his father - King George VI.
News of his death and his proclamation as queen she learned while traveling in Kenya, where he was accompanied by her husband - Duke of Edinburgh Philip.
Very strong link they have now 85-year Queen Elizabeth and 90-year-old Prince Philip helped them survive the difficult times British royal family.
Such divorces are a few of their children, and the mysterious death of beloved by millions of people their former daughter Diana, scandals, which the British blamed the queen and her popularity dropped sharply.
Elizabeth, despite the extraordinary dedication and efficiency in his duties, has been criticized for excessive restraint and willingness to follow the tradition to this day.
Royal wedding of grandson Prince William to Catherine Middleton last year, however, again attracted the sympathy of the British royal family, which is increasingly trying to break the record and live art.
In his speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the monarch, the British Prime Minister David Cameron draws attention to its true place in the lives of people. He opposed the idea of ​​monarchy as an ornament simply because it underestimates the queen.

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