Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Deo Perfume Candy

  1. "Deo Perfume Candy": Kann man Deo wirklich essen?

    T-Online-отпреди 9 часа
    Verkauft wird das sogenannte "Deo Perfume Candy" vom bulgarischen Süßwarenhersteller Alpi - und ist auch in Deutschland erhältlich.

  2. Would you eat the new sweet that's also a deodorant?

    Daily Mail-14.01.2013
    That's because I've been eating 'deodorant candy' — Deo Perfume ... 'The candies contain a chemical which is not broken down in the body.

  3. Deo Perfume Candy enters Europe

    ConfectioneryNews.com-от Oliver Nieburg-03.01.2013
    Deo Perfume Candy, co-developed by US ingredients company Beneo and Bulgarian confectionery firm Alpi, releases a rose scent through the ...

  4. DEO Perfume Candy launches in Europe

    Confectionery Production-09.01.2013
    DEO Perfume Candy is manufactured by Alpi in Bulgaria. Uniquely the product doubles up as a perfume by containing rose oil compounds that ...

  5. In arrivo Deo Perfume candy, le caramelle che profumano il sudore

    Grazie alle deo-caramelle a base di geraniolo prodotte da una società americana, il normale trasudare della pelle prende una fragranza piacevole. Un sudore ...

  6. Deo Perfume Candy trae a Europa su caramelo con efecto perfume

    Tras un periodo de introducción en Navidad en Francia e Inglaterra, Deo Perfume lanza en Europa los caramelos del mismo nombre, excepto ...

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