Monday, March 28, 2011

First Orbit

Joint project of the astronaut from the European Space Agency Paolo Nespoli, movie director Christopher Riley, the film company Attic Room and Google, which owns YouTube, will try to reveal details of the first space flight with human made by Gagarin on April 12, 1961 on

The premiere of the movie "First Orbit" (First Orbit) will be on YouTube next month to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the flight of Russian cosmonaut.

The first astronaut carried out 108-minute flight around the Earth and managed to see something that no one before him has ever seen - our home planet from space. "I saw how beautiful our planet. People to keep and multiply this beauty, not destroy it!" Said an emotional Gagarin.

Currently there is no film showing the Russian astronaut saw from his ship Vostok 1, there is only audio of his observations.
Vostok 1 Orbit

The new film, shot with high-definition quality from the International Space Station, is trying to show exactly what he saw Gagarin.

"When you combine the staff of what is supposed that he saw the excitement in his voice, is given something really amazing," said director Dr. Chris Riley, who is also a historian dealing with issues of space.

Flight of Yuri Gagarin starting from Baikonur Tyuratam (now Baikonur) in Kazakhstan 6:07 GMT on April 12, 1961 During his 108-minute flight around the Earth, it passes through the Soviet Union, the Pacific Ocean, Strait of Magellan in South America over the Atlantic Ocean and Africa before landing near the town of Engels in southwestern Russia.
Gagarin enter into the dark behind Earth in the Pacific. He sees the sunrise, going to the southern Atlantic

The sight of fields is now recreated through film, shot by the International comic Station (IAS).

"The organization of photos of very committed space laboratory has undergone smoothly," said Dr. Riley .. "I believe that should shoot at the same time of day, which consisted of Gagarin flight, to get the same angle of the sun," he explains. This opportunity occurs once every 6 weeks.

Astronaut from the European Space Agency Paolo Nespoli, who is currently aboard the IAS, is the author of the video to film. Italian is an avid photographer and his pictures of Earth taken from space, have enjoyed great success in online photo sharing Flickr.
Go to the video, which is ensured by Nespoli, original audio track was added by the flight of Gagarin. Moreover, the film is synchronized with the music of composer Philip Sheppard. The film used and original recordings of the broadcasts of Radio Moscow, "agency" ITAR-Tass and the BBC ("BBC").

After the movie premiere on YouTube on April 12, it can be downloaded free.

"From the beginning, our idea was to do it and give it to people," said Dr. Riley ..

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