Monday, March 28, 2011

Google Music

Google already started to test Google Music, which is a clear sign that the long-awaited new service coming. In sashestvo, Google Music is streaming service that users can use the web related to devices, but according to several sources, the cause of Google to delay its release by the lack of most basic component - the music. Since early 2010, the software giants led negotiations with the four largest record companies, but due to the complex conditions (from Google insist not just on the rights to distribute songs and music in the "cloud") is delaying the finalization of nearly one year. Internal testing of Google Music, however, showed that the negotiations are successfully completed.
It seems that Google Music will start work soon, possibly in April. It is clear that the service will be a very serious competitor to iTunes, since ultimately Google has all the necessary means to promote its new product - its own mobile operating system on which millions have been based mobile devices and hundreds of millions of users which have a positive attitude towards the company services.

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