Friday, March 11, 2011

The Japanese government has declared a nuclear power emergency situation

A fire at a nuclear power plant in central Japan broke after magnitude 8.9 earthquake that rocked the country today, according to agency reports.

The fire was reported at the headquarters of Tohoku Electric Onagawa. The Japanese government said nuclear emergencies, said Gigi news agency, citing Japanese defense ministry.

However, the IAEA in Vienna saidthe four Japanese nuclear power plant near the quake were stopped safely. Four Japanese nuclear plants are closest to the earthquake safely close, "the statement added with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry link for more details about the situation.

All Japanese ports in the region ended with his departure went out of business after the earthquake and tsunami as a result, say agents. And at 10 meters high tsunami hit the port in Sendai, northern Japan, Sendai airport and then flooded, according to television. The tsunami swept away everything in its path, including houses, boats and cars. Several other airports, including Tokyo Narita were closed and trains stopped.

Tokyo Electric Power said the power of 4 million households were cut. Among other reports of damage to the Japanese media reported the fire at steel plant in Chiba JFE Holdings. JFE, the fifth largest steel producer in the world, said it had no significant effect. Cosmo Oil said the Chiba refinery hit by fire in memory was still working to clear. JX Nippon Oil, Japan stopped refinery operations on the first three refineries in Sendai, Kashima and Negishi, told Jiji news. TV showed black smoke pouring from an industrial area near Yokohama ISOG.

14:00 UAE time killing at least 22 people were reported in the earthquake, the largest recorded in Japan in 140 years.

Electronics giant Sony, one of the largest exporters in the country, closed six factories, while Toyota announced that it is a factory for production of two parts, and plants collected in the area, and Nissan, the second largest country road, stopped, stopped operations in four factories, media reports said.

Experts believe that the earthquake had a severe impact on the Japanese economy, which is located opposite the Bank of Japan to raise. With Japanese interest rates already near zero, analysts said the central bank and the government had few options but to inject more money into the economy, although the risk of swelling already swollen deficit.
Tsutomu Yamada, an analyst at Securities. said: "The degree of impairment is difficult to say but it seems detrimental to the economy of northern Japan, the government must act quickly to announce support package and the Fed should pump more money into the economy."

The 1995 earthquake that devastated Kobe, Japan, caused $ 100 billion in damage.
A tsunami warning has been issued for the entire Pacific basin except the mainland United States and Canada following a huge earthquake that hit Japan on Friday, the U.S. Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said.

The warning includes Hawaii and extends from Mexico down to South American countries on the Pacific, the centre said.

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