Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mobile phones causing reduction in bone density

The results of new research indicates that it is possible electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones cause a weakening of human bones. The study was focused on men who prefer to carry their mobiles attached to their belts, forward Mobiledia.

Over the years, have conducted various research studies to establish whether mobile phones harm health in some way, but results so far have always been contradictory and insufficient for firm conclusions.

In a study conducted by Argentine doctors has been found that men who prefer to carry their mobile phone to the right of his loins have problems with their bones. The place where the phone normally stands doctors measured the reduced quantity of minerals and reduced bone density. On the other side of the cross such a problem is not noticed. This asymmetry can be caused naturally, the doctors are adamant and think exactly the mobile phone is a major factor in ill health.

Researchers concluded that prolonged contact of working mobile phone to the body damage and may cause osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is characterized by reducing the amount of calcium in the bones, their thinning and loss of density. This leads to fractures, which in humans in the elderly can be life threatening.

The study was conducted in the space of one year and there are 48 men participated. Half wore regular phone back and they reported problems with the bones in the same place.

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