Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sony stops work at 5 plants disrupted because supplies

Sony plans to suspend production at five of its factories due to problems with the provision of raw materials caused by the disaster that befell the country on March 11.
8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused extensive damage in the eastern part of the country and the death of 9000 people.
For factories located outside the affected areas, damaged roads and disrupted power supply meant disruption of supply chain, which is usually highly effective in Japan.
Sony said it will suspend work at least until 31 March Inazava factory that produces Bravia LCD TVs and factory code, producing cameras and Handycam Cybershot. Will be suspended and Hair factory that produces professional equipment for broadcast, Monikato factory producing cell phones and cameras and lenses Oita factory producing microphones and headphones.
Sony announced that it will try to restore the supply of raw materials from other sources, but also that it is possible to temporarily transferred production abroad.
The company has already stopped production in nine factories directly affected by the earthquake or interrupted power supply.

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