Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work has started Amazon Android App Store, offers free Angry Birds Rio

Amazon obviously wanted to preserve the element of surprise, not announced when it will start operating its own application store for Android, but it does not matter anymore because App Store opened. The store offers an exclusive game Angry Birds Rio, and today it is free download, otherwise the cost of application is 99 cents. Amazon App Store will compete directly with the Android Market will offer special prices on some of the paid applications, so users would have an incentive to prefer to him. Unlike the Google shop here every application will go through the approval process so that the likelihood of falling or of any malicious use of low quality is minimal. One of the special features is the option to test before purchase of almost any application directly into a computer browser.

Every day the company will offer a free download a paid application, so it's a good idea to come over every day to check what's new. This is due to the fact that the authors of the applications set their price, and Amazon. Access to shop is through both online and through special application, which entered with your account on Amazon.

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